About Digital Health Wallet

Discover how Jariwala Lab can be your lifesaver by creating a fully connected health system with your personalized integrated health information.


Unique Features

Now, Easily manage Health details to access anytime, anywhere and trend health progress.

Create your digital health diary which allows you to store and retrieve all your vital health information in one place, i.e. Emergency Card, Vaccination details, Family history, health care expenses, insurance details and many more

Extra Benefits

Book your medical Appointment hassle free anytime from anywhere
Set reminder and never miss out on your appointments, medicine and insurance premium tasks
Click it and store it !! Its that simple to carry all your medical Documents from healthcare providers
Easily switch between different accounts of your entire family within the app and manage health of your family in one go.
Access your own digital Health wallet, manage health and store health data from different sources and stay connected with healthcare providers

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